Get inspired for 2021 with our favourite podcasts

The lull between Christmas and New Year is a time to relax and take stock. If you are looking for some inspiration for the year ahead, have a listen to some of our favourite podcasts this year.

The Affiliate Marketing Podcast has featured some industry experts and you might have missed out on their useful insights. Here are some of the episodes that you should listen to in preparation for the year ahead.

Jesper Søgaard

CEO and Co-Founder of Better Collective, Jesper Søgaard joined Lee-Ann for the final episode of our Responsible Gambling Week 2019 special podcast. He shared his insights on the importance of the role that affiliates have in Responsible Gambling. Listen here.

Phil Fraser

In November this year, Lee-Ann sat down with Phil Fraser to discuss the importance of planning in affiliate marketing. They also touched on Phil’s 5-step process and his time at WhichBingo. Listen here.

Ryan Henderson and Ian Sims

Lee-Ann spoke with Kindred’s Head of Affiliates, Ryan Henderson and Rightlander’s Ian Sims to discuss compliance in the iGaming industry. They looked at how operators can educate affiliates on compliance and the responsibilities involved. Listen here.

Tero Paivarinta

Lee-Ann caught up with Tero Paivarinta who has experience in working with Twitch star Jartuu84. They discussed the importance of managing a partnership between the streamer and the brand. Listen here.

Erik Bergman

In July last year, Lee-Ann was joined by Erik Bergman from Great.com. Erik shared his knowledge of affiliate entrepreneurship and how to build an engaging audience. Listen here.

Eitan Gorodetsky

Group Head of SEO & PPC at Betsson Group, Eitan Gorodetsky featured on The Affiliate Marketing Podcast to discuss the relevance of search to affiliate marketing. Eitan offered some valuable insights to affiliates. Listen here.

Tobias Svensen and Kim Hultman

After CasinoGrounds Co-Founder Kim Hultman raised €47,000 to support the fight against COVID-19, Lee-Ann caught up with him and his Co-Founder Tobias Svensen. They talked about the idea behind the fundraising stream and much more. Listen here.

Matthew Hughes

Lee-Ann spoke with Editor in Chief at Top Business Tech, Matthew Hughes about branded SEO back in October this year. They also discussed the best ways to boost engagement and how affiliates can adapt their content to align with branded SEO. Listen here.

Kevin McGinnigle

Founder of Positively Distinctive Media, Kevin McGinnigle came onto The Affiliate Marketing Podcast to discuss the big changes in bingo over the past few years. They also touched on the importance of immersing yourself in the world of bingo in 2021. Listen here.

Marc Wood

In September, Sales and Marketing Director for 1account, Marc Wood joined Lee-Ann to talk about the importance of age verification in the industry. They also discussed how 1account’s product came about the tightening of regulations in the UK and beyond. Listen here.

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