further grows American footprint has been given permission to expand into Indiana, via its KAX Media America Inc. subsidiary. The entity will now be able to provide its services to licensed iGaming operators here.

This news means that will further expand its US footprint, having already regulated in various states this year. The group’s Chief Executive, Charles Gillespie, said: “Indiana got it right by offering mobile sports betting. The state represents a significant opportunity for sites like to connect sports fans with high-quality sports betting content, such as top daily picks.”

He continued: “Now having gone live with business deals with operators in Indiana, the Group continues to solidify its position at the forefront of the growing U.S. market.”

iGaming in Indiana: a big opportunity 

Indiana’s geographical location is a benefit for its online gambling efforts. The neighbouring states of Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois are yet to fully regulate, though Michigan is expected to soon.

The state is also home to numerous college sports teams, as well the Indianapolis Colts who play in the NFL. The Indianapolis 500, better known as the Indy 500, also takes place here. It means that sports betting in particular is a massive opportunity, given how many fans either live or travel here.’s US ventures has extended its reach to multiple US states over the course of 2019, through its KAX Media America entity. Back in the summer, it was given the green light for taking its business to both West Virginia and Pennsylvania. This followed the re-appointment of Mark Blandford, who returned as Chairman of the Board.

The company also boosted its publicity by taking the approach of hosting its own event. The American Gambling Awards was held in June and recognised brands in 14 different categories. There were over 50 finalists, with the winners being presented the Golden Eagle Trophy.

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