Gambling Act review welcomed by RAiG

Responsible Affiliates in Gambling (RAiG) has announced that it will welcome the Government’s review of the Gambling Act 2005. RAiG aims to promote social responsibility and create a safer environment for any consumers within the gambling industry.

Promoting safer gambling

RAiG was founded in 2019 and its members include industry leaders such as Better Collective, Bonus Finder, Racing Post, Oddschecker, Natural Intelligence and Moneta Communications. Members from the RAiG have been at the forefront of voluntary industry action over the past two years in order to ensure online gambling is safe and properly regulated.

The latest Gambling Act 2005 review is allowing both the Government and experts in the industry to assess any new laws and regulations that suit the changing consumer consumption of gambling products.

Affiliates should get involved

Members of RAiG including the outgoing chairman Clive Hawkswood have noted just how important it is that any iGaming affiliates get involved in the review. RAiG is appointing a strengthened advisory team that will assist the Gambling Act review in order to ensure everything goes smoothly for all parties involved.

Clive Hawkswood said: “I urge everyone in the affiliate sector to get behind RAiG and get involved with the gambling review. Through the review, established industry practices, some of which did not exist in their present form back in 2005, will be put under scrutiny. “

He added: “To sit on the side lines and hope for the best would be a terrible gamble for affiliates. This is only right and proper as such commercial practices did not exist in their present form back in 2005. RAiG is leading the way in ensuring the sector raises standards and demonstrates that it can be relied upon to act responsibly.”

Providing a safe environment

Hawkswood will be replaced by Cian Nugent from Racing Post. Cian is pleased to take on this role and has noted that the focus for RAiG in 2021 will be on education and lobbying.

Nugent said on the review: “Affiliates play a key role in providing enjoyable and safe environments for consumers – facts which we want to see recognised in any new laws governing our industry.”

With the Gambling Act 2005 review already underway, the support from RAiG is key. Hopefully, any changes to laws will provide a safer gambling environment without causing additional issues for affiliates.


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