FunFair Technologies unites with poker affiliate RaketheRake

Decentralised B2B blockchain casino platform, FunFair Technologies has announced its first operator in RaketheRake, the market-leading poker rakeback affiliate.

The partnership represents a key milestone on FunFair’s roadmap as it looks to provide a world of fair, secure and efficient gaming using the power of the blockchain.

Going live with RaketheRake follows a successful closed beta of FunFair’s platform and showcases how it will empower a new generation of casino operators.

Affiliates are just one example of this new generation of operators that can take advantage of FunFair’s expertise in the blockchain and casino sector, while also accessing a new audience who enjoy gambling and come with significant crypto-wealth.

Existing internet operators can also diversify revenue streams via FunFair’s platform and benefit from first-mover advantages as blockchain enters the mainstream.

The deal represents RaketheRake’s first move as an operator, made possible due to the light touch integration process and lower headcount required by using FunFair’s cost-effective platform.

David Greyling, COO at FunFair Technologies, commented: “We are delighted to welcome RaketheRake who will be our first live operator on our platform. This innovative move by a progressive affiliate is an ideal fit for us, and we look forward to providing them and their players with our best-in-class products and services.

“Developing a platform on the blockchain allows for integration lead times far shorter than current industry benchmarks, lower headcount and server requirements, and combined with these reduced costs, our solution empower those who were previously not able to host a casino to do so.”

Karim Wilkins, CEO at RaketheRake added: “FunFair’s promise to revolutionise the gaming industry has enabled us to open our very own casino using the power of the blockchain, which greatly streamlines the process of going live.

“With FunFair’s secure, and user-friendly platform, coupled with our established marketing expertise, we’re confident of a successful launch when we go live with our very own operation later this year.”

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