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Q&A with Slots Gods: The divine overlords of online slots

Founded in 2021, Slots Gods is a fast-growing slots review and industry platform ran by a team of dedicated slots enthusiasts. We sat down with them to hear all about the company and the passion and ethos that drives them.

What is Slot Gods all about?

In short, our mission at Slot Gods is to be the leading source of original and independent slot reviews and news. All our content is produced in-house by real slot enthusiasts. We form exclusive partnerships with game development studios in order to gain inside-info on everything online slots.

What makes your website different?

All the content we produce is 100% unique and original, even as far as the 1500+ slot logos we’ve manually produced. Any information we share has been taken from source, and all reviews are completely bias-free. We don’t get paid by our partners for giving their games glowing reviews or special treatment. We enter mutually beneficial partnerships with slot developers whereby they receive free exposure and we receive exclusive content. Our aim is to deliver genuinely helpful and informative content to slot enthusiasts, not to try and force them into signing up with whichever operator pays us the most commission.

To expand on that point – we only work with trusted and reputable slot sites with fair terms on their offers and promotions. Before we promote any slot site, we ensure it has enough games to suit our audience, a user-friendly website, provides a good experience, and of course, is fully licensed. We also meticulously rate and review them to ensure they meet the minimum standards expected by players.

What makes your reviews expert?

We believe there are far too many slot reviews out there written by people who haven’t even played the game they’re reviewing. We take pride in thoroughly playtesting every slot we review, and ensure that any information we share with our audience is taken from source, not copied from third party websites. Players deserve to read the truth about a game, not whatever will make them click a link and sign up somewhere. And while no two players are the same, it’s our responsibility to share that truth so they can decide for themselves whether the games are for them or not. We’re not afraid to call a game out if it’s underwhelming or below standard.

What exclusive content does Slot Gods offer?

Due to our strong relationships with slot developers, we are able to provide our audience with content in the form of exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes insights into how games are produced. We also gain early access to game sheets, assets and demos well ahead of launch, meaning we are often the first to playtest and review games weeks, and even months, ahead of launch.

What makes the best slot?

As part of our thorough rating and review process we look closely at the features, mechanics and the overall gameplay. We also consider how unique and innovative the game is and the effort the developer has put into creating an engaging and immersive experience. Player enjoyment is of course paramount. We often see new features being released that are somewhat disappointing. How a mechanic works and engages a player is more important to us than what it claims to do on the face of it. Winning is of course what attracts players to a new game. But a large jackpot or massive max win doesn’t impress us if it isn’t achievable. We prefer to score games on their ‘win potential’ rather than their theoretical max win, which can include hit rate, volatility and RTP.

What’s next for Slot Gods?

As a relatively new website, we’ve faced many challenges over the past year which has meant we’ve been unable to release new features as quickly as we’d like. However, we have some exciting new developments planned for the coming months including user profiles, exclusive free-to-play games, site search and other tools to help players discover new games quicker and easier than ever.

We’re also closing in on our 2,000th in-depth slot review, which is a huge achievement and marks significant progress since our launch in September 2021. Our audience is growing month on month and we hope to further engage our users and better supply them with the information they need in 2023. We’re constantly working on developing our partnerships and expanding our network so we’re able to deliver more and better content to players.

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