Ed Huarte, Carousel: "The good thing about our strategy is that we don't rely solely on affiliates"

Affiliate Industry Review CEO Lee-Ann Johnstone caught up with Carousel Group Head of Marketing Ed Huarte at last week’s London Affiliate Conference (LAC).
Huarte disclosed details of the firm’s two new domains, sportsbetting.com and racebook.com, while also alerting affiliates to a “very nice, attractive deal for those early birds” that sign up.
Touting itself as ‘the new kid on the block’ the firm promised to ‘aggressively shakeup the industry with its expert teams, purpose-built technology and dynamic, community driven approach to its brands’, as it announced the launch of sportsbetting.com and racebook.com last month.
Both brands will operate using gaming licenses obtained through the Malta Gaming Authority, and will primarily target both European and Latin American players.
The group, however, is planning to expand its global portfolio by obtaining UK, Swedish and US licenses as part of its ambitious growth plans into regulated markets around the world.
In an in-depth interview with AI back in December, Huarte detailed: “We are building out a very strong marketing and content team at our headquarters in Madrid, Spain and are very much looking forward to working closely with our affiliates to create unique offerings to give sportsbetting.com and racebook.com the kinds of players that brands like that deserve.”
Read the full Ed Huarte interview here.

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