DMF Review: Getting creative with social media

At last month’s Digital Marketing Forum, Tom Kerr and Tom Bore from The Goat Agency explained why affiliates ought to be ‘Getting creative with social media’. The pair stressed the importance of influencers when it comes to diversifying your social media strategy. Here are some takeaways from the 45-minute chat.

A company “on the up”

“We’ve got offices in London where there’s 100 of us,” they began. “We’re three-and-a-half years-old now and we’ve just opened up an office in New York which is growing at a faster rate than we are in London. We’ve just opened up an office in Singapore as well, so the company is on the up. If there’s a consumer brand and there’s an influencer for it, then we’ll be running a campaign for it.” 

The rise of influencers

“We’re always looking at driving performance for brands by using influencers to tell the brand’s story to its audience,” they continued. “When we say influencer, our definition for that is someone who you wouldn’t know unless you follow them on social media.
“We’re not talking about celebrities, TV stars, sports stars, etc, we’re talking about people you only know if you follow them on social – whether it be on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook or whatever.
“Our three founders basically discovered the power of influencers and how, from a performance channel, they’re more effective than all other marketing channels.”

“Time and consistency” is key for Twitter

“There are three key pillars that we work with influencers on that help them drive more and make the most of their audience – the first of which being timing. Posts need to be out at the appropriate time, and this kind of rolls into consistency as well.
“If you’re putting out, for instance, your ‘daily double’ bet, if you put that out at 10am every single day, people will gradually buy into that and catch on to the fact that this is the time that this post is going up every day.”
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