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Diversity in marketing and why it matters for your affiliate marketing

Inclusion and fair representation are important for all industries. It has a definite impact on marketing and content as it is the job of all marketers to understand these needs and back them within their marketing strategy. Understanding diversity is just as important in the iGaming industry and we explore this as it relates to your affiliate program marketing and indeed player marketing activity.

Recognising the Need for Diversity in Marketing

No matter the vertical it is very rare that the players that make up the ecosystem you target are all of one homogenous group. Though they may have all have a similar avatar in terms of targeting it’s important to recognise the individuals in the masses and the variety of backgrounds that people come from into this sector.

Digital and Affiliate marketers need to be able to appeal to many in order for their campaigns to have the most impact possible. There will be many differences in a chosen target audience, but it is down to the marketer to draw on those positive variations to create a strategy and a message that will still speak to all of them. The greatest of all will be able to create a message that resonates even with someone who is completely different than the person who created the initial advertisement.

Diversity in our Industry

Advertising and marketing can often attract those who think outside the box, whether this is in product, service or brand. The more diverse the viewpoints are that construct a certain post or stance, the more likely it will then be able to reach multiple demographics within one audience.

So, what do you need to consider when creating campaigns or content that targets diversity in your messaging?

The key thing to remember is that diversity is often about allowing those who might otherwise feel turned away to have feel included. For example, in sports betting a lot of the graphics and design and content is written with a purely male audience in mind. The truth is females are also interested in sports with some of the most experienced and well-known journalists and commentators in sports are often of the fairer sex.

Diversity and inclusion is essential for businesses to prosper, and if you aren’t sure how to do this in your business, seek the expertise and guidance of a consultant that can help you adapt your marketing and brand strategies accordingly. This is something that requires planning and due care and attention to get right. Doing so – could help you open up new channels for engagement and opportunities previously missed.

Making Changes

It’s everyone’s responsibility to be inclusive in our marketing messages, in the way we portray our businesses and how we decide to engage with our audiences. It’s about being aware. Making positive changes to the way we plan our strategies and content curation and striving to do better.

Change might take time to arrive – it’s easy to do the things that have always worked for you, but it is possible with the right leverage and thought put behind your promotions and campaigns you could make a big difference as to how your website or affiliate program is really perceived. As an affiliate marketer, it is important that you consider the inclusivity within your program. Create a team, a brand, a campaign that celebrates diversity and inclusivity in all its forms and build stronger relationships as a result of it.

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