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Digital Marketing Mixer partners with and Publisher Discovery to provide extended new business and community networking

For this month’s Digital Marketing Mixer, and Publisher Discovery have agreed to partner up and provide extended networking and affiliate recruitment services to delegates in attendance this month. 

The online networking event for digital marketers, which enjoyed a successful inaugural session last month, will take place on 30th June. 

The two new SaaS partners will join the likes of Affiliate Guard Dog,, and in collaborating with creator Lee-Ann Johnstone to deliver the business networking event 

The Digital Marketing Mixer is designed to give digital and affiliate marketers an opportunity to develop personalised business contacts, plus the opportunity to keep abreast of what is changing in the affiliate and digital marketing industry. 

New business and affiliate program growth 

Delegates who attend this month’s Digital Marketing Mixer will benefit from an exclusive 30-minute masterclass from Founder Susan Kabani. She will provide tips and advice on how websites and businesses can use content marketing to generate more leads. 

Kabani spoke about the event and said the following. “We are incredibly excited to be supporting the Digital Marketing Mixer event. Our philosophy at Ugenie is all about building quality relationships in both the real-world or on-line. 

“We are thrilled to see and be a part of the work being done by Lee-Ann to empower her digital community to do more through these business networking mixers and bringing the community together to continue conversations and learning through it’s own business hub.”

Lee-Ann also discussed why digital and affiliate marketing professionals should attend this month’s edition of the event. “This opportunity has been designed to help my community get better connected during these uncertain times on a more personal level. I really want to support businesses access expert insights, collaborate with one another and help support our partners at the same time. 

“I’ve partnered with and the Publisher Discovery to help our delegates make that more achievable.” 

Strong industry presence

Over 100 delegates from all over the world, in a multitude of sectors, have already RSVP’d to attend. Delegates include brands such Catena Media, BrandVerity, Smile Software, Every Matrix, Fortune Jack and more.

In addition to partnering with, a collaboration with leading AI and Machine learning technology provider Publisher Discovery has also been secured. 

This SaaS platform gives affiliate managers a unique insight and analysis on affiliate programs across any market to help identify and engage new affiliates to onboard into their program. Using AI, the platform ranks and matches affiliates to advertiser’s specific needs.

Publisher Discovery Co-Founder Chris Tradgett had the following to say about the event. 

“Publisher Discovery are pleased to partner with Lee-Ann, a veteran in the Affiliate Marketing sector to support delegates who attend the Digital Marketing Mixer. 

“Our software helps affiliate managers to find the most relevant affiliate partners to work with. Attendees of the June event will receive free trial access to the platform to review and find their best affiliates.”

Digital Marketing Mixer Invitation

The Digital Marketing Mixer is hosted monthly and the next iteration takes place on the 30th June between 4-6pm BST. The event offers live business “speed” networking and is FREE to attend for anyone working in the affiliate and digital marketing industry.

RSVP. today and join the Digital Marketing Mixer here

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