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Mad Hatter tea party for continued summer virtual networking: you’re invited

Summer is in full swing and across the UK, temperatures have soared in recent weeks. Which means that now is a perfect time for us to invite you to the Mad Hatter tea party we’ll be hosting for the Digital Marketing Mixer at the end of this month.

Hosted by Affiliate Industry Review CEO and affiliate marketing veteran Lee-Ann Johnstone, the event on Zoom is designed to help suppliers, affiliates, brands and agencies kick off new commercial conversations in the absence of physical conferences.

As part of the virtual tea party, attendees will enjoy a show put on by a Canadian entertainer and magician – plus more.

The event will take place between 4pm and 6pm GMT on 28th August.

Plenty of entertainment planned for you 

As was the case in the first two Digital Marketing Mixers, delegates will enjoy speed networking sessions – in which they are put in a virtual room with strangers and get to discuss industry topics with one another.

In addition to the above, there will be a range of ice-breaker games – with tantalising prizes to be won. Moreover, Canadian entertainer and magician Ray Anderson will provide a display of ‘Alice in Wonderland’-style visual trickery at the tea party.

iBetDirectory Founder Lloyd Richman had the following to say about the Digital Marketing Mixer.

“The Digital Marketing Mixer offers guests a great opportunity to make new contacts and gain an inside view on current changes taking place in our industry.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for small businesses, publishers, agencies and operator brands to come together and get new business done!”

SEO masterclass 

Delegates for this month’s event will also be able to enjoy a free SEO masterclass, courtesy of Matthew Hughes. Matt is a lecturer at the Arts University of Bournemouth (AUB) and the Co-Founder of Aurora.

Johnstone mentioned the SEO masterclass in her comments about the upcoming digital event.

“The Digital Marketing Mixer is about making new personal connections virtually in a structured setting.

“This month we are privileged to also have visiting lecturer Matthew Hughes from the Arts University of Bournemouth (AUB) in the United Kingdom, which offers leading digital media courses. Matthew will be giving an exclusive SEO masterclass, which shouldn’t be missed!”

To get a taste of what you can expect from the session with Matt, you can check out our recent interview with him here.

Sarafina Wolde Gabriel, Senior Vice President of Strategy for Paysafe’s Income Access, also spoke about the Digital Marketing Mixer.

“The Digital Marketing Mixer offers affiliates, suppliers and operators  a chance to connect in-person and enjoy a fun, short and structured virtual networking session,” she said.

The Digital Marketing Mixer is free to attend. You can secure your place by RSVP’ing here.

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