Denmark ranks high for online gambling participation

According to new figures from the regulator Spillemyndigheden, Denmark has the second-highest online gambling participation rate in Europe. Sweden ranks highest on the list which included 18 countries in Europe.

One of three countries

According to the report, Denmark is one of three European countries where the majority of gross gaming revenue comes from the internet. In 2019, 53.1% of revenue or DKK5.2bn came from online channels. In comparison, the online revenue accounted for 59% in Sweden which sits in the top spot on the list.

The countries included in this report were the 15 members of the EU prior to 2004. Great Britain was also included in the report and it was noted that 45% of revenue in this region comes from online gambling.

Interestingly, 32.3% of the Danish market came from mobile play as it was reported that revenue from mobile devices grew by 5% each year. Operators not focusing on mobile gaming in this region could be missing out.

Growth in Denmark

This is not the first year that online gaming has provided the majority of gross gaming revenue in Denmark. However, there was a marked increase from the previous year where online gaming revenue made up 51.5% of the total in comparison to 53.1% in 2019.

The Danish market has been steadily growing with some attributing success this year to restrictions on land-based casinos put in place due to the pandemic. With new restrictions surrounding player ID cards in land-based settings, it is expected that players will continue to switch to online gambling.

If you aren’t already involved in the Danish market, this is something seriously worth considering.

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