3 ways data and technology help affiliate programs to scale

As the affiliate marketing industry continues to grow, there is a dire need for data and technology to link up together to enable programs to scale. Having detailed data to analyse affiliate performance is key. Understanding where data can help you become more efficient in managing mass relationships is vitally important for affiliate program managers.
Here are a few ways in which data and technology can link up to support your affiliate program growth, and limit the reliance on manual resourcing:

1. Personalise your on-boarding process

The biggest part of growing an affiliate program is finding affiliates to partner with, and then getting them into the program and on-board quickly and efficiently to start promotions. Automation for smooth on-boarding can help you do this at scale. From the first point of contact, to when the affiliate completes their registration page into your program, their user journey into your affiliate program should be carefully considered. Creating automated on-boarding processes like welcome emails, reminders and calls to action to take a next step can help you save a lot of time within your team. Creating a quick affiliate welcome pack which details key facts about your program, your core products and key games or service information can save affiliates a lot of time, and help them go live with you much quicker.

2. Automate Affiliate Checks and Approvals

With stricter regulation in advertising guidelines, the days of blindly auto-approving affiliates into an affiliate program are over. There may be a need to create a registration funnel, which would automatically enable enrolment to the program – ONLY – if they meet criteria checks as stipulated in the registration process. For any that fall outside of the standard requirements, you can manually review and approve.  Working with your platform provider could help you find a really simple way to manage this, saving loads of time and manual resourcing in your on-boarding flow.

3. Offer Custom or Personalised Reporting

In order to produce a fruitful partnership for both parties, the appropriate data needs to be fed back, which will enable better commercial and marketing decisions. One-size-fits-all data reporting can make life difficult for affiliates, as they need to be able to access and manipulate data quickly, ensuring their marketing activities are optimised for your success. As well as having a look at what effective campaigns look like across the board, there also needs to be a regular review on a publisher-to-player ROI basis to make the most of this relationship.  Using simple plug-in API tools such as Voonix or Statsdrone could help you offer a higher level of insight, making affiliate collaboration much easier to manage.
There needs to be a regular assessment of quality and volume in an affiliate program to ensure value is being driven across the range of partnerships you work with. Understanding the data and the capabilities of your tracking solution is a key part of your program’s success. It can also offer much-needed insights and opportunities for better resource management and prioritisation in your team.  Affiliate marketing is as much about the data as it is in the creativity and relationship management that this role demands.
Whilst using data to drive decisions isn’t a brand new concept to affiliate marketers,  you do need to make sure your team is able to deliver to business objectives. That means working with a trusted technology partner who can help you understand and simplify processes – giving you insight into how data analytics can help your affiliate business grow.  
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