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Danske Spil proposes stricter gambling laws in Denmark, including the banning of affiliate partners

Danske Spil has released a 10-point plan to improve player safety in Denmark, including the banning of affiliate partners.

The country’s leading operator, which is also state-owned, argues that current regulations are too weak.

The 10-point plan 

The majority of Danske Spil’s suggestions related to marketing practices. Along with a shutout of affiliate partners, the operator also wants VIP schemes removed.

Other proposals include an advertising ban during live sporting events on TV, in addition to a full prohibition of casino commercials via this medium.

Danske Spil also believes that gambling ads and those for payday loans shouldn’t be allowed during the same window. Moreover, it feels that ID verification should be mandatory for land-based outlets. The operator will be bring this measure onto its own premises this year.

The final two suggestions relate to banning both game bonuses and the use of celebrities to promote real-money games.

“There are too many who fall through the protection network”

When presenting its 10-point plan, Danske Spil used statistics from the country’s regulator – Spillemyndigheden – to back up its views.

According to Spillemyndigheden, there was a 35% rise in self-exclusions between 2017 and 2019.

Danske Spil also said that while it believes Denmark is one of the world’s best-regulated markets, current regulations “do not adequately protect vulnerable players and minors”.

Susanne Mørch Koch, Chief Executive of Danske Spil, shared her thoughts on the 10-point plan. Her words were as follows.

“It is in everyone’s interest that we have a gaming market where gaming remains the entertainment it should be.

“And although we, as a gambling provider, have a large number of fences to prevent and protect vulnerable players, we unfortunately find that today there are too many who fall through the protection network that has been set up.

“Therefore, we believe it is necessary to tighten the net and regulate the gaming market further. And in order for it to work, it requires the same rules for all gaming providers in Denmark.”

Spillemyndigheden revealed this week that it shut down 25 illegal gambling sites in Denmark last year. This was done in partnership with the Danish Tax Authority.

Online gambling tax in Denmark is set to rise from 20% to 28% next year, while mandatory deposit limits were imposed in January.

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