Daily Sports launches free information portal ‘The Bet’

UK news and entertainment publisher, Daily Sports Limited has launched new property, The Bet – ‘TheBet.co.ukwhich seeks to deliver the most comprehensive and simplified free information portal, targeted towards all sports betting audiences.

While being launched under the tagline of ‘The Bet is #YourBestBet’, the Daily Star’s new property is aiming to deliver wagering news, information, stats, form and odds across all major sports, while being illustrated through simplified content and terminology which is more likely to engage with wider audiences within the sports betting markets.

The development of the Portal, has been overseen by the Daily Sports owners and serial entrepreneur Grant Miller, who has told SBC News that The Bet will be running by a ‘team of sports betting experts and journalists’, whom are capable of not only communicating, but further simplifying sports betting’s jargon, trends and customs towards a wider audience.

While launching The Bet, Miller stated: “Never before has the sports betting punter had so much FREE in-depth information at their fingertips from a single source.

“We plan to make The Bet the go to place for everyone from your professional gambler to your once a year punter than fancies that cheeky flutter.”

In addition, beyond the news and information, The Bet will be rewarding its player community with a wide variety of racing breaks, which will be launched by its in development ‘Racing Club’ in the near future.

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