APBGG Gambling Act Review

Cross-party MPs to review UK Gambling Act

The All Party Betting & Gaming Group (APBGG) has begun a review of the UK’s 2005 Gambling Act

Through this review, changes that are needed to ensure that regulation is fit for the current landscape will be considered. 

The APBGG’s investigation is separate from the one which will be conducted by the Department for Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS)

Taking a broad range of evidence into account 

Due to the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the review will take place online. 

Written evidence from industry stakeholders will be taken into account, with a series of meetings also set to be held. These get-togethers will involve experts from multiple verticals. 

Supporting organisations will also be present. 

APBGG Co-Chair Philip Davies is aiming to conduct a well-rounded review, where both the industry and players’ voices are heard. 

His thoughts were as follows. 

“As Co-Chairman of the All Party Betting and Gaming Group, I believe it is essential that any review of the 2005 Gambling Act is based on evidence. The purpose of these sessions to help inform the government in their work in this area.

“We want to listen to the legitimate concerns people have of the gambling industry as well as ensure the industry gets a fair hearing as well. I am determined that we listen to a wide range of views and make evidence based recommendations which will ensure we enhance our global reputation as having the best regulated gambling industry in the world.”  

The review will commence with four initial webinar sessions. These will cover the below topics. 

  • A public health approach to gambling; 
  • Gambling’s relationship with football;
  • Gambling marketing;
  • Whether or not the 2005 Gambling Act is still fit for purpose. 

It’s intended that the full report will be published by winter 2020, with findings from the review to be sent to the DCMS. 

The DCMS’ review is a result of the Conservative Party’s pledge to examine current regulations if they won last December’s election. 

Further calls for gambling companies to do more 

Earlier this week, UK Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston called for betting firms to do more with regards to player protection. He wants them to go beyond the 10-point pledge set out by the Betting & Gaming Council (BGC) last month. 

Part of that action plan included a warning for affiliates to behave in a responsible manner. 

The BGC has said that it would be happy to cooperate with Huddleston, saying the following. 

“We will work with you, the government and the regulator to address any further areas where there is an identifiable increased risk to customers during the current crisis.”

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