1account: Compliance is a necessity – not a nicety!

In today’s competitive climate, there’s no doubt that increased regulation is a threat to your business. For many gambling affiliates it can feel like the list of rules and regulations they need to adhere to grows by the day! That’s where 1account comes in. The company works hand in hand working with dozens of affiliates, helping them to integrate robust age-verification technology into their sites.

Safer Gambling Week 2020

Did you take part in Safer Gambling Week? We’re hot off the heels of the annual event, which took place from the 19th – 25th November. Led by the gambling industry, the initiative aims to champion responsible gambling and education measures.

Compliance is key when it comes to supporting safer gambling. And, age verification is often top of the list when it comes to compliance, playing a significant role in protecting minors online. It needn’t be a time-consuming and costly measure for betting providers, 1account can verify your customers in seconds and at no cost, ensuring you remain compliant and keep your users safe.

Why compliance is essential – not optional!

Gambling affiliates will know all too well that you can’t just opt-out of compliance – as tempting as that sounds – especially not in highly regulated markets such as the UK, France or Germany.

Age verification is a key component when it comes to compliance. We recently partnered with First Look Games to enable affiliates to offer free to play games and wanted to tackle some common myths head-on when it comes to your affiliate business and players.

Demo games don’t require an age-verification feature?

False! Don’t get caught-out just because the game is in beta. Since May 2019, all free play casino games have to include age-verification for UK users. This follows the revision of the
Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice ( LCCP ) by the UKGC.

Can’t potential customers just use a VPN blocker?

True and false… whilst customers might choose to use a VPN, affiliates have a role to play in keeping people safe whilst gambling online. It’s also illegal to use a VPN to get around geo-restrictions and isn’t something you should encourage players to use. Instead opt for an age verification system such as our tool, which is quick and easy to use.

Is my user’s data safe?

True! Many customers worry that by parting with personal details that their data is at risk of being hacked or used for marketing emails. With 1account this simply isn’t the case – they will never share data or use it to advertise to your customers. Players are actually presented with more choice when it comes to verifying their age from their mobile number, to CitizenCard and even the Electoral Roll. We’re fully GDPR compliant and ISO 270001 certified for full peace of mind.

Why work with 1account?

1account already has a proven track record when it comes to working with affiliates. Existing customers include Slots Calendar, which recently integrated our age verification technology into its casino affiliate site. The result? A surge in successful age verification ratios for their players – more than 95% and full compliance, even in highly regulated markets.

Our free age-verification platform is ideal for affiliates. The solution can quickly and easily integrate into your existing site infrastructure and it won’t cost you or your players a penny. It also ensures you are compliant and protects your affiliate business and operator partners from regulators!

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