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Common reasons why your program doesn’t grow – and how ELEVATE will help you solve them

Do you feel like your program doesn’t grow? No matter what you might attempt to do, no matter how much you might try different strategies, it can seem like your program growth is stunted and determined to not go anywhere.

The ELEVATE Summit is here to help! Make sure to join us on 14-15 June for two jam-packed days that will go into – in detail – some of the most interesting aspects of affiliate marketing. Learn how the trends of 2022 are affecting the industry as a whole, and most importantly how you can take your program to the next level.

In the meantime, here are some of the common reasons why your program doesn’t grow – plus how ELEVATE could help you to address them.

Poor communication

Communication is everything in the affiliate marketing world, and you need to make sure that you are doing all you can to reach out and support your affiliates. If you are focused entirely on conversion and onboarding as many as possible – focusing purely on quantity over quality – you will soon encounter issues.

Your partners will be left high and dry with no idea as to the best practices they can use or how to effectively make use of any campaign elements you might send them. This will massively affect your program, and the number of affiliates coming aboard – and your wider growth – will drop off dramatically.

ELEVATE will give you the tools that you need to increase your outreach and manage your partners more efficiently. On top of this, you will get every opportunity to network and develop your own communication skills. Whether you are swinging by virtually for a quick catch-up or setting up a longer and more in-depth meeting, you can find out how to do it at ELEVATE.

Unrealistic goals

You need to make sure that your affiliates are all working to realistic goals within your program. Though you should be pushing them to deliver the best results they possibly can, you do not want to be leaving them with goals that they are never going to be able to pull through on. If they keep failing to meet targets, you can be certain that your program doesn’t grow.

Ideally, you should work with each affiliate to come up with targets and goals that are specific to them. Though standards and expectations are a good idea to bring a little standardisation across your affiliate platform as a whole, you need to ensure that you treat your affiliate partners as individuals and not just numbers on the page.

How can ELEVATE help? We intend to give you all the tools you need to manage your affiliate program effectively. Our tips are delivered by industry experts at the top of their game. With their advice, you will be able to identify the weaker areas of your program and then establish real, workable goals to help improve and grow it.

Neglecting SEO

Feel like your program doesn’t grow because your website doesn’t get the right traffic? It could be simply because you are neglecting your program’s SEO.

SEO should be the bread and butter of an affiliate manager, and it is one of the best tools that we have for increasing traffic and bringing attention to our products and services. Neglect it, and you will never see the results that you want. It really is that important.

ELEVATE is here to help you master your SEO with the latest techniques coming to the forefront in 2022. It is no secret that SEO is one area that is always shifting and changing. With the help of our experts and the materials available in our Virtual Learning Centre, you will have all the resources you need to take your SEO – and your program – to the next level.

The wrong tools

A bad workman might always blame their tools, but the affiliate marketer needs to ensure that they have the right ones on their side if they want to see program growth. There are so many fascinating tools and services in the industry at the moment that could help you to build a good foundation for your program.

Automation is on the rise, and with it comes many management tools that could help to streamline parts of your program. Let ELEVATE be the guide that introduces you to these tools. Our experts will help you discover tools that could make a genuine improvement to your program, no matter what aspect of your operations requires a boost.

These are just four of the key areas in which the experts at ELEVATE could help you to fix a program that just doesn’t grow. It won’t be failing to expand for no reason. Buy your ticket for the ELEVATE Summit today, and get ready to learn more about how to best manage your program to deliver the growth and results you want to see.

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