Casinomeister releases affiliate code of conduct

Online casino portal Casinomeister has launched a new code of conduct for affiliate webmasters. 

Those who fall within this category and choose to join ‘Webmasters’ will have to abide by five specific practices. 

At the time of writing, there are over 1,500 affiliate webmasters that are Casinomeister members. 

What’s included in the code of conduct? 

Affiliates will have to adhere to the following rules that have been laid out. 

  • The webmaster will not promote casinos that habitually prey on problem gamblers.
  • The webmaster will do his or her due diligence and ensure that the casinos they promote are using properly licensed software (i.e. no pirated copies of games, etc.).
  • The webmaster will not violate or infringe on others’ copyrights, trademarks, or any intellectual property.
  • The webmaster will not cheat affiliate programs by sending bogus traffic – complaints submitted from affiliate managers concerning this activity will be accepted.
  • The webmaster will not promote casinos in an unethical manner.

“Long overdue” 

Casinomeister Director Bryan Bailey shared his thoughts on the new rules being brought in. He believes that this has been coming for a while, with his words being as follows. 

“This is long overdue. There are many upstanding affiliate webmasters who are continuously coming up with amazing websites, and unfortunately there are the bottom-feeders who threaten the livelihood of these entrepreneurs by association. 

“For years, we have seen some affiliates promoting nefarious websites that intentionally target problem gamblers, or that use unlicensed pirated software. Additionally, there are a number of misguided affiliates who are exploiting the isolation of players with bad marketing techniques. 

“I am hoping that we can reward affiliates who are promoting online casinos responsibly with being associated with Casinomeister. These affiliates will be listed at Casinomeister, and we will be linking to their sites. They will be identified by a Casinomeister Webmeister seal of approval.”

Supporting small businesses

Casinomeister has also been doing its bit to help small businesses affected by Covid-19. Last month, the website announced its intention to assist where possible through its ‘Small Business Markets’ initiative. 

After this news was announced, Bailey said that Casinomeister is doing everything possible to ease the burden of difficult times on as many people as possible.

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