Canada proposes changes to current sports betting legislation

The Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada has introduced a bill which could change the current legislation on sports betting. This means that single-event sports betting (where customers place a bet on the outcome of one sporting match at a time) would be decriminalised.

Gambling services in regulated environments

These proposed changes will allow different provinces and territories to offer single-event sports betting services to consumers in Canada. Any operators must manage and ensure that their gambling activities are abiding by the local jurisdiction. They are allowed to deliver their services in regulated environments, either online or in established facilities.

The current Criminal Code in Canada prohibits all forms of gambling, with the exception of lottery schemes, betting between citizens in limited circumstances, and betting which is regulated by the Pari-Mutuel agency.

Expanding the regulated market in Canada

The new bill will alter the Criminal Code, amending paragraph 207 (4)(b). As such, provinces and territories can regulate and conduct single-event sports betting on any sports event, except for horse racing. The Pari-Mutuel agency will continue to regulate this market.

Following on from this announcement of proposed changes, the Government of Canada has reasserted its position on problem gambling. Their official website says they are “committed to ensuring that all gambling is conducted responsibly and with appropriate supports.”

As the regulated market in Canada continues to expand, more and more opportunities should arise for affiliates.

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