no longer operating as a gambling news website is going to stop its operations as a gambling news website, Calvin Ayre himself announced earlier today. This signals the end of an era for many affiliates in the iGaming industry who have religiously followed the website since its launch back in 2009.

After running for 12 years, its founder Calvin Ayre is going to shift his attention onto Bitcoin SV (BSV). The Canadian entrepreneur has identified the potential of BSV, claiming that this payment solution will be able to revolutionise data management.

Moving on to explore the potential of BSV

“BSV isn’t just a frictionless payments solution; its unparalleled scaling capacity offers heretofore unthinkable possibilities for data management,” said Ayre in the press release. “BSV also heralds the arrival of the Metanet… a protocol that merges data and content for tracking, monetization and ownership in a peer-to-peer system.”

But as one door opens, another one closes. This means that will no longer function as an active source for online gambling news. However, archived news pieces will still be available for viewing on the website.

“I launched due to my dissatisfaction with the news sites that then dominated discussion of the gaming sector,” Ayre also said in his announcement. “I found their coverage too deferential to the established giants of the day and too oblivious of the changes I saw looming on the horizon.”

He continued: “I didn’t invent online gambling, but I saw its potential early enough to help shape the industry in ways that allowed it to emerge from the shadows into the mainstream.”

A heart-warming goodbye to iGaming

Fans of Ayre will be able to stay updated on the entrepreneur’s latest business ventures by visiting, where he will discuss the endless possibilities of BSV – and how it could potentially impact the iGaming industry.

“My primary focus may have changed, but you never forget your first love,” Ayre said when concluding his final statement on

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