Brazilian Senate passes MP 846, closes in on legal sports betting

Brazil has moved another step closer to legalising sports betting after the Senate voted in favour of the MP 846 bill.
The bill was initially signed into law by outgoing President Michel Temer in December 2018, giving the South American superpower two years to create the regulations so operators can start the licencing process.
From an affiliate perspective, this is a hugely exciting development for those looking to gain a foothold in one of the most promising emerging markets on the planet. “With a country with an estimate of 210 million population and a fantastic love for sports, everyone is really excited to be able to operate in this market,” agrees Marcos Oliveira, Head of Business Development at Clever Advertising Group.
“Affiliates are already starting to build SEO ranking websites and position themselves as the first acquisition option to new regulated operators. Like most European countries, Brazil’s main sport is football and it has an enormous fan base of lower divisions making Brazil one of the biggest markets, since content is almost unlimited.”
Now the only thing needed for MP 846 to become enshrined into law is the signature of Brazil’s far-right, firebrand President Jair Bolsonaro. Nevertheless, Oliveira remains optimistic about the future of affiliate marketing in Brazil: “Affiliate marketing is something that has existed for a long time in Brazil with great success.
“We expect that established affiliates will be the first to educate all players to invest only in legal operators and to help to block any kind of advertising from non-licensed operators. If all affiliates do their jobs correctly, everyone can help drive the players to trustworthy operators where the player is always protected by local law.”
To find out more about all facets of gambling and affiliate marketing in the Americas, attend the inaugural Betting on Sports America conference next week. Affiliate Industry Review founder and CEO Lee-Ann Johnstone will be hosting an Affiliate Marketing Masterclass as part of the event. Find out more here.

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