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Blogging on LinkedIn: What are the potential benefits?

To this day, blogging continues to hold numerous benefits. It can help them to demonstrate their expertise, become a useful industry resource and get their name out there. 

However, there might be an easier way to do that – you’re still blogging, but on LinkedIn instead. 

That’s right – this useful, often-overlooked tool has all the benefits of ‘traditional’ blogging and the possibility of even more. 

Keen to know what these are? Keep reading and you’ll find out. 

Build a better relationship with your audience 

I mean, this is the main reason we all use LinkedIn. We want to demonstrate our expertise and engage with others in our industry. Blogging adds another dimension to your profile to do this, beyond listing your career in chronological order. 

Sure, you can add a link to your website on your page. But there’s a good chance that many visitors won’t click through. With LinkedIn? Your articles are all there, without them having to go to an extra page. 

Along with sharing your insights, why not encourage others to share theirs too? You might learn something new yourself, while higher engagement will also lead to others outside of your immediate network noticing you. 

Rank higher in Google 

We spoke recently about ways that you can rank quicker in search engines. What we didn’t mention is that LinkedIn is another way to drive this. Why? Because LinkedIn itself is considered important by Google. 

If you write something about a trending topic in your field, and it’s well-written, you can be pretty confident that Google will view it favourably. You might even reach the heights of trending on LinkedIn, too, raising your visibility even further as a result. 

Built-in analytics 

LinkedIn has all of your analytics in one place. Beyond the standard views and comments, you can also find out how many people have shared and liked your masterpiece. And all of it is presented in a user-friendly, easy-to-read manner. 

Knowing what your audience wants is the most important aspect of content creation. Because without this knowledge, you have – well – no audience. And thanks to LinkedIn’s analytics, you can determine this without needing a degree in advanced algebra. Oh, and you also can compare it to your own website’s success. 

Final thoughts 

Writing blog posts on LinkedIn is a great way for professionals to build a more complete profile and create a closer relationship with their audience. It adds more of a personal touch, while the traffic is already there too. 

Another benefit is that analytics are simple, but effective, with everything you need to know included. As such, you can determine what people enjoy reading – plus what they’re not too interested in. If you have another blog or company website, you can also compare both of their performances. 

While not many people utilise the blogging section on this social media channel, more should. But since few are using it, why not give it a go and gain a possible advantage? 

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