Better Collective reports ‘strong NDC-performance’ in Q2 report

Affiliate marketing publisher Better Collective has reported a growth in its Q2 activity, which has been attributed to both a ‘strong NDC-performance’ and a growth in US operations.

Newly depositing customers (NDCs) were reported to have grown by 60 per cent during teh quarter, exceeding a figure of 111,000. The growth, according to Better Collective, has helped support the 64 per cent jump in revenues – up to €15.8m (£14.7m) – which is a boost from the €9.7m figure reported in the same period last year.

Commenting on the results, Better Collective CEO Jesper Søgaard said: “Growth in Q2 was strong compared to the same quarter last year, even with tough comparison to last year with the World Cup in football as a big revenue driver.

“We continue to see the effect of the strong NDC intake throughout 2018 and beginning of 2019. Revenue grew by 64%, including organic growth of 18% and operational earnings almost doubled compared to the same period in 2018.”

EBITDA has jumped from €3.88m in Q2 2018 up to €6.96m in Q2 2019, with figures for the year to date equating to €13.6m. 

Better Collective has also significantly strengthened its US exposure in recent months, having notably acquired a 60 per cent stake in the RotoGrinders Network – while also outlining plans to purchase the remaining 40 per cent.

Søgaard added: “Better Collective has had US-focused products up and running for some time, leading to revenue streams from online sports betting since last year. Building a presence and taking part in this new big market opportunity was boosted by the acquisition of the RotoGrinders Network in Q2, adding strong products and dedicated people with insight into the US market.

“After the end of Q2, we acquired two US market leading sports betting brands; and These two websites have since many years been the platforms preferred by millions of visitors and have the potential of becoming the largest revenue generating assets in Better Collective in coming years. Furthermore, they have significant synergy effects with other US-facing assets, not least with the Rotogrinders Network.

“I am confident that we, by way of these acquisitions, have put Better Collective in pole position for a market leading position in the US states where online sports betting will be regulated and available.”

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