BeReal hits 10 million daily users

You would be hard pressed to avoid talk of the anti-social media app BeReal across the news in recent months. The app which aims to focus on real, unfiltered daily life is continuing a rapid growth in popularity as daily users have now hit 10 million. BeReal describes themselves as:

“No filters. No followers. Just friends, sharing with each other. On BeReal, you discover your friends’ real lives and get closer to them.”

So how exactly do brands harness the growing influence of BeReal and is there a market for them? Certain brands have started exploring the app for marketing opportunities as Fast Company explained below:

“When Chipotle joined BeReal in April (one of the first major brands to do so), it shared reusable promo codes in its posts for a week. The first 100 people to use the promo would receive a free entree. Those codes were regularly redeemed in less than a minute.”

On the other hand, is this what users want to see in the BeReal app? The whole point of the platform was to come away from the manufactured content of Instagram and constant adverts so will brands ever be able to infiltrate? If they do so in a fun and novel way for customers this could work for interaction and engagement but brands should be careful to not push users away.

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