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Argentina: an opportunity for iGaming affiliates?

Argentina’s iGaming market has attracted more attention recently, as a result of regulatory changes. When Decree 181 was introduced in Buenos Aires this year, it was the country’s first-ever gambling code.

Online gambling has been allowed in Argentina since 2006, but only on a province-by-province basis. But since the most recent change occurred in the capital city’s jurisdiction, it could be significant.

We’re going to look at where iGaming in Argentina stands at the moment. We’ll also be identifying whether or not there are potential opportunities for affiliates. Keep reading to find out more.

The current state of Argentina’s online gambling landscape

At the moment, eight of Argentina’s 24 provinces permit online wagering. Seven more might follow suit. The current problem is that no nationwide regulator exists, and for the time being that’s unlikely to change. 

The above makes Buenos Aires even more important. For a start, it’s by far the country’s most-populated province. It’s home to nearly a third of Argentina’s residents, and five times as many people as second-placed Córdoba. If online gambling regulation is successful here, other states could be prompted to take inspiration. 

Regulation in Buenos Aires: a closer look 

Authorised verticals include casino games, sports betting, lottery and more. As an operator, obtaining a licence in Buenos Aires will require a number of criteria to be met. For a start, the maximum number of permits that will be issued is seven. These are valid for 15 years each and can’t be extended. A partnership between an international and local company must be in place for all applicants. 

Gambling ads also need to show that they’re only targeting people over the age of 18, while all outbound marketing materials will be monitored. Each operator must also have a responsible gambling strategy. And even if not permitted by law, affiliates will be play an important role in reinforcing these standards. 

Are there opportunities for affiliates in Argentina?

Argentina is a well-connected country. As cited from a recent report by BtoBet, internet penetration stands at 91% – well above the South American average of 73%. Moreover, just under three-quarters of the population own a smartphone device. For affiliates, this is ideal because there is also room for continued growth. 

Ways that affiliates can maximise the Argentine iGaming market’s potential 

Localisation will be vital for success. While Argentina ranks #1 for English proficiency in Latin America, it dropped from 16th to 27th in the 2019 EF English Proficiency Index rankings. Therefore, you should consider having a Spanish version of your website and also display banners in this language. 

While we’re on the subject of banners, it’s a waste of time showing your audience things that don’t interest them. You should have sophisticated technologies built into your website, which will build a more accurate visitor profile. Once you’ve acquired this information, it’ll then be possible to show these users more of what they want to see. 

The final word 

Argentina has potential for affiliates and operators alike. The population is quite well-connected, and there’s still room for further growth especially in mobile. National regulatory framework would better-integrate laws. In this respect, Buenos Aires could help to push things forward. Localisation and understanding player personas will be vital for affiliates here, so they should focus on getting that right before they think about everything else. 

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