Amalfi Affiliates launches new program offering

Amalfi Affiliates has announced the launch of a new affiliate network, in addition to a lottery-oriented affiliate program.

The new affiliate network will be on the EGASS affiliate tracking platform.

Amalfi Affiliates’ newly-launched program will enable affiliates to promote its LottoChimp brand.

Affiliates will also be able to benefit from a boosted revenue share commission percentage for their first three months as part of the program.

“Profit is not something to add at the end but is something planned for in the beginning”

LottoChimp is the first iGaming affiliate program that has been launched within the Amalfi Affiliates network. The brand offers a range of worldwide lottery games for affiliates to promote, including EuroMillions and the US Mega Millions. There are also a number of weekly promotions, as well as discounted tickets and more.

Amalfi Affiliates CEO Cameron Whitlie had the following to say about the new program launch.

Profit is not something to add at the end but is something planned for in the beginning. The Amalfi Affiliates Network is geared towards building lucrative long-term partnerships with all our membered affiliates.

“The platform is custom-built, and I am confident that our affiliates will thrive off of LottoChimp’s program and the extended network program offerings as we continue to launch new campaigns.

Characteristics of Amalfi Affiliates 

Alongside the broad range of games for players to enjoy, affiliates will be able to take advantage of various benefits themselves. These include a high-percentage payout plan, designed to help them maximise their profits. Moreover, program members will benefit from fast pay-outs and and real-time reporting.

Other perks for Amalfi Affiliates partners include regular communication and support from their affiliate team, as well as bespoke promotions and offers.

Account Manager Katie Millar added her thoughts on the LottoChimp affiliate program.

We are confident that affiliates will benefit and prosper from the unrivalled level of program choice as we expand our network offering.

“The LottoChimp affiliate program provides a long-term revenue model for affiliates to engage in their business from the tenure that is seen with players who convert with lottery tickets, bundles and syndication sales.

“We look forward to welcoming new affiliates into the network who will benefit from our competitive commissions model and appealing lottery campaigns.” 

Enjoy a head start 

LottoChimp’s affiliate program is available in a number of languages. These include English, Dutch, Norwegian, Japanese, German and Portuguese – plus more. Multi-currency deposits are also supported.

To celebrate the launch of the LottoChimp affiliate program, Amalfi Affiliates is offering new partners a 50% revenue share for the first three months. After that period, the commission structure will revert to the below.

Tier 1 (£0 – £1,000): 25% revenue share.

Tier 2 (£1,001 – £2,500): 30% revenue share.

Tier 3 (£2,501+): 35% revenue share.

You can take advantage of the 50% introductory revenue share here.

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