All-In Diversity Project launches #opendoors campaign

The All-In Diversity Project will launch its 2020 campaign, titled #opendoors, on January 27th.

Details of the campaign

This new campaign is aimed towards showing that anybody can make a difference. It’s intended to celebrate champions that have helped others make big steps in their careers. Those that are now holding the door open for others will also be celebrated.

Lee-Ann Johnstone, Affiliate Industry Review CEO and Co-Founder, is part of the project. She encourages professionals to step out of their comfort zones, and commented the following.

“I’m delighted to be part of this initiative. I am also looking forward to helping the next generation of affiliate marketers advance their career and develop new skills, so they can step up to a new level this year.

“I encourage anyone who may be feeling shy to overcome this and talk to me when they spot me at future events.”

#opendoors will also intend to show that making a difference increases to a more diverse industry. This then leads to innovation, better international opportunities and a bottom-line increase. Individuals within iGaming are being asked to highlight those who support others and nurture talent, but also commit to “holding the door open” for someone else where possible.

About the All-In Diversity Project 

The All-In Diversity Project was launched in 2017. The initiative strives to promote equality and inclusion in the wider gambling industry, as well as each workplace.

When speaking about the group’s various initiatives, Co-Founder Christina Thakor-Rankin said the below.

“Aside from the opportunity to celebrate those who champion others, we’re hoping that the association of a visual tag linked to some of the most successful individuals and companies in the industry says it all – diversity works.”

Meanwhile, Kelly Kehn – Co-Founder of All-in Diversity Project – said: “The idea behind #opendoors is simple. If we really want to progress and be a more diverse and inclusive industry, we need to recognise that we did not get to where we are in our career without the help of someone along the way.”

She continued: “By thanking someone who helped you, you are also pledging that you are willing to hold the door open for someone else who might need it. We need to recognise that we didn’t get here alone. Because by doing this, we also recognise that some people don’t benefit from support due to assumptions, bias, etcetera. Then, we immediately become more conscious of our differences.”

You can join the #opendoors Facebook group here.

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