Affiliates have “important role to play in the US market”

Affiliates “have a much more important role to play in the US market” according to Group Chief Executive Charles Gillespie.

The comment was made as the group acquired as part of a transaction which closed in February of this year. The website will be relaunched with a new, US-first focus.

The new will offer reviews, bonuses, tips and news on the regulated sports betting industry in the US. American sports betting consumers now have an authoritative resource for locating and registering with legal, regulated American sports betting websites. will continue to add coverage for all US states with regulated sports betting as well as a host of additional, interactive features. Content for the UK market has also been included as the website’s historical user base is in the United Kingdom.

“In complete contrast to the United Kingdom, the American sports betting market is today dominated by offshore operators who continue to illicitly serve US consumers,” argued Gillespie. “Affiliates have a much more important role to play in the US market, that of educating the consumer about which operators are actually legal and which are not. We are happy to take the lead on this education effort.”

The group aims to capitalise on the momentum behind the expansion and regulation of sports betting in the United States with and its other websites. As of this week, ten US states have approved legislation to allow for retail sports betting. Of those ten, four have elected to allow for online or mobile sports betting.

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