Affiliate Industry Review – Deliver Random Acts of Kindness for the festive season

We’ve hit December and the season of giving and festive cheer. I usually love this time of year, because I start to think about the year ahead and what we’ll plan to deliver for both our media and agency clients in the year ahead.
This past week I’ve been struggling to “feel the joy” of the season.

It’s been a tough year. 

Businesses are struggling to maintain revenue, some have closed. Marketers have been wondering how this next year will unfold and how best to plan for it. Everyone has had to adapt to new ways of working, remotely and in isolation.  People are facing challenging new year lows, some might have lost their jobs and others face the struggles of a dropped income. Some are grieving the loss of friends or loved ones.
Despite all these things the harsh reality is that we have to keep moving forward and looking at the road ahead. To take time to reflect and have gratitude for the things we do have and what we can do to help others in times of need.
I’ve been thinking about how we as a community, can make a difference.

It starts with being kind.

The thing about kindness is that it inspires hope.
It doesn’t even have to be a big action or thing.  Simple acts like these can make a real difference to someone’s business. I know they’d make a big difference to ours:
  • Make an introduction to someone new
  • Refer a friend to buy a product or service you’ve liked or enjoyed
  • Give a LinkedIn testimonial
  • Write a nice review
  • Like and comment on a social media post to help someone build their social engagement
  • Say yes – instead of no
  • Help someone else who may be in need
  • Show or Teach someone something new
Kindness, can give someone a lift to know their tough times won’t last forever. It can make you feel pretty good too. (They always say giving is far better than receiving).

Affiliate Industry Review’s Random Acts of Kindness:

Since it’s the season of giving we’ve decided to NOT send you a Seasons Greeting or gift card this year. Instead, myself and my team will spend the rest of December selecting a number of random people from within our community to give a GIFT OF KINDNESS that will support your business, maybe just lift your spirits, or simply help your affiliate program or business / agency network growth.
Our random act of kindness could be anything from:
I encourage you to participate by delivering small acts of kindness in your own community as well and let’s commit to spread some festive cheer into the new year together!
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