Affiliate Spotlight: Kingbet on the iGB Affiliate Awards

This week’s iGaming bonanza in London will culminate with the iGB Affiliate Awards on Friday night. And in an industry which has spread to many corners of the globe, it only makes sense to shed light on the especially unique businesses.

Step forward Kingbet, who’ve been nominated for Best Non-English Affiliate. Based in Greece, the website shares regular sports content in this language.

In preparation for Friday’s ceremony, we continued our conversation with Giannis Koutivas – who looks after B2B aspects. He’s already discussed Kingbet’s background, which you can check out here.

And now, without further ado, let’s look ahead to the iGB Affiliate Awards!

Affiliate Industry Review: What do you think is particularly unique about your offerings, compared to the rest of the Greek market? 

Giannis Koutivas: “Kingbet’s strongest point is the quality of our journalists. We have real sports journalists who are trained to write, according to SEO guidelines. We don’t hire copywriting generalists. Our heart is these people who demonstrate deep knowledge about both sports and betting. 

“Bonuses are the same in every affiliate, so the real content is what gives us the competitive advantage.” 

AI: Greece, compared to other established European markets, is small. Does this work in your favour and what are the related challenges? 

GK: “No – at least not always. Here, operators normally have the final word. But if you belong to this very small group of elite affiliates like does, then you can balance it out and get a reasonable and mutually profitable deal. 

“As far as our readers are concerned, this is also tough, because these people do not seem to get the variety of offers from the sportsbooks and casinos. We simply can’t wait for the market to open!”

AI: What are your most popular forms of content? 

GK: “Our daily coupon page! You can find it here. It’s been the most popular since the beginning and I know a lot of people outside of Greece will feel amazed by it! It is quite a thing here, every website that respects itself and the visitor has such a listing of games. 

“Other than that, we have some journalists that really are a blockbuster. We also have a memes’ page, and of course some video streaming of a very famous comedian.”

AI: Do you receive much traffic from neighbouring countries, or places abroad where communities of Greek speakers who’ve emigrated live?

“yes, Cyprus is our main one of course. Then we have UK, Germany, pretty much any country where Greek expats live.

“These people send us their messages daily and thank us about us making them feel near home. When you read such messages, you realize how worthy our effort is.”

AI: Do you have any plans to expand beyond Greece in the future? If so, where?

“Well, we’re already preparing an English version of And there are also plans for Germany too. It was always in our plans to export our know-how in betting and you will soon see lots of new stuff from us! “

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