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Affiliate Spotlight: Barry Goldwon, BestBitcoinCasino

In this edition of Affiliate Spotlight, we speak to BestBitcoinCasino Website Manager Barry Goldwon

BestBitcoin casino was an early adopter of bitcoin within the casino industry so naturally, getting started was risky. But the decision paid off and now, the website has evolved into a vital industry resource. 

Barry discusses how long it took to gain traction in the beginning, as well as the future of bitcoin casinos – plus more. 

Affiliate Industry Review: How has being an early adopter benefitted you as a bitcoin casino affiliate?

Barry Goldwon: “When I started the business with and some other related assets, I was the only one. I remember we had business with two casinos and one sports betting only, for a period of more than six months. No new operators jumped into the market and despite our consultation and education about the opportunities, they refused to take part. 

“Today, the situation is different and we handle around 25 requests for new operator reviews on a weekly basis. Being an early adopter is a risk, with future potential.” 

AI: How long did it take you to gain traction in the beginning? 

BG: “Funnily enough the interest came from the market, from players and traders. 

“The sports bettors and iGaming players were the ones who sought a place to use their crypto coins. Once the Bitcoin itself gained more popularity around mid-2017 for example, it was the players who helped us find new operators and rate them in a way from which the market will benefit.”

AI: In your opinion, why do you think that Eastern Europe and Asia happen to be your best-performing markets?

BG: “Eastern Europe and Asia, as well as Latin America in a way, are leading the world in terms of Crypto adoption and mass acceptance. 

“When we introduced Bitcoin payment solutions, Altcoins payments, new regulatory frameworks and tools like gamification and affiliation tracking – these markets were the first to implement and understand the value. 

“Of course, these markets also include huge operators, where single innovation can make a tremendous change.”

AI: Do you think that coronavirus will have much of an impact on more players adopting bitcoin casinos in one way or another?

BG: “Challenging times demand us to rethink, rebuild and adjust. 

“With the COVID-19 case, we see more acceptance of technologies, mass adoption of non-banking solutions and more time spent online. These are the parameters which helped iGaming to be one of the industries to benefit from the situation these days. 

“Once the pandemic started, we recognised the challenge the industry fell into, and executed a BestBitcoinCasino survey to learn from our partners pain points. This helped us to focus on the most important needs of them all, and help the small and medium companies through these challenging times.”

AI: And finally, what are the most popular bonuses and products for players on your website?

BG: “The readers of can find reviews of alternative casinos, such as fully-decentralised casinos. We believe that dApps have great potential in the iGaming sphere. 

“On a regular basis, we are publishing interviews with the most relevant people in the business. We have managed to establish a trusted spot in the market since 2013, thanks to our partners we are able to provide our readers with exclusive casino promotions. 

Additionally, we are organising competitions where our active readers can win small amounts of bitcoin.”

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