What I’ll be doing to support you this week

Right now, we’re all feeling the pressure to continue business as usual. It can be challenge to manage ongoing activity while also taking care of yourself, homeschooling your children and practicing self-isolation.

But I have made a commitment to show up for you and the rest of my social community. That includes being present and providing opportunities to support affiliates, affiliate marketers and SMEs who might need help with getting things sorted in the short-term.

Here’s what I am doing to help get your business on track and ready to succeed in the coming months.

How can I help you?

I have put a call out on all of my social channels this weekend to get people fast-tracked and doing business – together. You can read the posts if you like below.

Pivot, don’t panic:


Fast-tracked connections.

Now is the time to come together.

Now is also the time to get connected, and make both your business and self more visible online. I’ve got a platform and community of people working in the same sector, AND I have a voice. So, I’m not going to be shy and will use it.

Give FREE expert Advice & Support.

Join me and a few of my very experienced industry chums and get talking about your business, how we can use this opportunity to pivot not panic in our live community call on 30th March at 15:00 GMT.

Get seen and heard with my £495 Media Deal.

Here’s an offer that you’ll want to take me up on.

I’ve extended the period for which I am offering a drastically-reduced advertising package on our website, plus the chance to be seen by over 10,000 people in the affiliate industry.

Our affiliate directory and feature editorials will help to grow your brand reach during these trying times. I have made this as affordable as I possibly can, whilst also being conscious that I am still running a business.

**I have never discounted like this before, but truly believe that being visible online is the most important thing you can do for your business right now.**

You can book your package here.

Fast-track personal connections.

If you have a job that needs doing, or need a job yourself, I want to help you get connected and get things done.

How will this work?

 The more information you give me, the better I can help you. So please, be specific. Our time is precious right now. You must be 100% clear about what you need and want, so that I can make the right connection for you.


Please contact me with the following.

  • Your name, company information, website;
  • What the job is (task, service, one time, recurring, skill you require);
  • let me know if this is a paid for or barter opportunity;
  • How long you need it done for.

See below for an example of what I want to see in your emails.

“Hi Lee-Ann, 

I need help with my weekly social media scheduling. 

I am willing to pay up to X per (hour/day/month) and it would cover all three of our social channels. This scheduling needs to be completed in full by 1st April. 

Can you hook me up with someone who has social media and content writing expertise in the casino industry?

You can contact me on XYZ tel, email and my company website is (if it’s not obvious in your email signature). 




Please contact me with the following.

  • Your name and contact information, plus a brief CV which includes your skills or background (your LinkedIn profile page is a good place to start);
  • What your skillset is and what you’d feel comfortable doing;
  • If you are happy doing a paid/barter/hybrid of both for the opportunity.

An example of what I want to see in your email is shown below.

“Hi Lee-Ann, 

I have six years of social media and content writing experience having worked at <companies>. I specialise in casino and poker and looking to get <paid / barter / hybrid jobs>.

I’m happy to take on <hourly, daily, weekly, monthly full time tasks>.  

My available start date is <X date>. You can contact me here and see my LinkedIn profile here <link to your profile>.



I will connect Sam to James, and viola. Social media scheduling will be a task that James doesn’t think about again, while he’s busy working on pivoting his business. 

Lets go punch this week in the face and get things happening in our businesses, as well as for others!

Please note…

I am not a recruitment agency, nor am I doing this for monetary gain.

I can’t personally vouch for the people I connect you to. It will be your job to do the necessary due diligence, to see if they’re the right fit for your business needs. I’m simply going to help you get connected faster to people who have the necessary skills to help you do them. This is about maximising our resources, networks and connections. 

No job will be too big, or too small. You should also consider collaborating with a barter of skills and time, since money for time may not be an option at the moment.

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