17 – 18 JANUARY 2023

AMPLIFY is a live virtual summit – bringing you the latest insights and trends across affiliate, performance and partner marketing.  Get actionable takeaways to help AMPLIFY your program growth & make you thrive in the year ahead.

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 Benefit from in-depth panel discussions and deep-dive into master classes

Learn with industry leading experts

Our speakers SHOW & TELL exactly what tools, strategies and tactical frameworks you can use to stand out in the competitive landscape

Get practical & actionable help

From the companies who manage millions of dollars / pounds in revenue via performance marketing programs around the globe

Get planned for the year ahead

With a clear strategy and actionable insights helping you focus on growing your affiliate program results

Forge new partnerships

With industry peers from affiliates to digital and SaaS entrepreneurs, CMOs, digital marketers, affiliate and partnership managers, agency owners and affiliate network employees


We’ll be discussing all things digital, partnership and affiliate marketing. After this event, you’ll leave with a clear understanding of the latest trends, where it’s all heading and
how to keep ahead of the curve.

Amplify Summit offers a multitude of sessions, so you choose what applies to you and catch up on what you miss with the replays available for 12 months after the live event.

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Mike Schmidt
Shopify Collabs
Erin Cigich
Stephen Davis
Chris Thomas
The Partner Agency
Daniel Lancioni
Jessica Wong
Martin M
Martin MacDonald
Jeremy Aaronson
Paul Kasamias
Dominic Wells
Lisa Riolo
James Boden
Allan Petrilli
Tyler C
Tyler Calder
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  • 1:45 PM
  • 3:00 PM
What the BIG affiliate performance marketing trends are for 2023

An in depth panel discussion with a selection of industry leading performance marketing experts who will be sharing exactly where they think the future of affiliate & partnership marketing will be headed this new year and what program managers need to be focussed on to achieve more. We’ll be discussing all the latest affiliate industry trends, ideas and strategies.   Helping you to listen, learn and AMPLIFY your performance channel delivery.

Engaging the partnership economy: How to navigate and build successful Brand-to-Brand  partnerships

In this panel we’ll detail exactly how you can navigate the partnership economy to build brand to brand relationships that drive incremental sales for your business in the performance channel. We’ll talk about how to find the right partnerships, how to set these up for success and what metrics and preparation points need to be met to measure both party results. Listen in to understand where and how to begin brand partnerships successfully in your program offering.

Ecommerce & consumer shopability: What brands / affiliates will need to do next

In this panel we’ll discuss how consumers' buying behaviours are being re-shaped by innovation in marketing tech and tracking advancement. Listen into what is new and changing for retail brands to take note of, and tune in to understand how you can create better best practices to help partnerships flourish.  We bring together a panel of experts who understand conversion.
We will talk you through the biggest ideas, trends and tactics they are helping to deliver that drive incremental growth and AMPLIFY sales.

  • 12:30 PM
  • 1:45 PM
  • 3:00 PM
New SEO & Search: Modern approaches to amplifying content-based partnerships in your affiliate program

An in depth panel discussion with a selection of industry leading performance marketing experts who will be sharing exactly where they think the future of affiliate & partnership marketing will be headed this new year and what program managers need to be focused on to achieve more. We’ll be discussing all the latest affiliate industry trends, ideas and strategies, helping you to listen, learn and AMPLIFY your performance channel delivery

Getting ahead of cookie depreciation changes in 2024

With Google changing its policies and moving cookie deprecation back to 2024, what will brands and partners need to do to plan for this change? We explore why affiliates must focus on building brands and what program managers should be doing to help this transition. We’re bringing together a panel of experts who can talk through potential pitfalls and how to get ahead of this with ease in this user focussed session. If you’re not sure what you should be doing and how to manage this change in your budget or brand strategy – this panel is NOT to be missed.

Performance program transformations: Amplifying growth whilst navigating a challenging year ahead

Our final panel will seek to explore the impact that affiliate marketers face (in all industries) as we look at what’s changing and impacting performance marketing this year. We’ll cover a variety of topics from hand selected industry experts who can help to navigate key questions and challenges we are all facing in our day to day delivery.


You’re going to be listening to industry experts at the AffiliateINSIDER Summit who will be sharing tips, strategies and learnings in your FREE ticket.

But if you want to go a little deeper we’ve also got a host of paid-for, expert-led Masterclass Implementation workshops which will be available on demand.



Dean Seddon,
Founder, Maverrik

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In this workshop you’ll learn how to sell your product, program or service authentically via your social channels.

You’ll leave this MasterClass with a clear understanding of how to leverage your personal brand to reach out to new prospects and engage them with content that converts into LEADS and SALES

Whether you’re new to marketing or find sales difficult to master, this workshop will set you on the right track with tactics and tools that make filling your pipeline a breeze. Learn with an industry expert and get real tangible strategies that deliver great results whilst leveraging your personal profile to build your corporate brand or affiliate program promotion.


Matt Thomas,
Founder, The C-Skool & other entrepreneurial ventures

Sponsored by:

In this Masterclass delivered by award winning entrepreneur and author Matt Thomas you’ll learn exactly how to create content that connects your brand to your customer. Whether you’re a marketing manager or an affiliate publisher this masterclass should not be missed.

Matt will teach you exactly how to create a content strategy that connects your brand to your customer and drives incremental sales and conversion for your business. Whether on site or in social media, make sure your content stands out and delivers results!

Learn how content engages audiences and how to create content plans that will convert audiences to raving fans in this practical expert led workshop.


Lee-Ann Johnstone,
Founder, AffiliateINSIDER

Sponsored by:

If you’re stagnating or worse stuck with your partner and program performance this MasterClass workshop is perfect for you. With over two decades of affiliate and performance marketing expertise Lee-Ann will be sharing never before seen strategies that usually are only offered to her agency clients.

Learn how to grow your program, implement new ideas and scale your sales with just a few simple steps to help you deliver increased sales and better ROI for your business.

Learn key tactics and relationship management strategies that will take your program from zero to hero in just a few short months. If you’ve launched your affiliate program but aren’t yet seeing the right results, get into this MasterClass workshop and turn it around with an expert at your side to guide you through it!


Sharon McFarlane,
Director, Digital Footprints

Sponsored by:

This Masterclass will have you thinking about social media in a completely different way. Whether you’re targeting affiliates or customers in this workshop you’ll learn the high end strategies agencies use to boost their client performance.

Learn the key functions of what makes good social content, how to engage your customers authentically and more importantly how to stand out from the constant social “noise” to engage your target audience effectively across the various social channels.

This workshop is packed with tools, tips and tricks that will help you get more out of your content and build your brand reach.

Lidia Infante,


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SEO has been the channel of choice for ambitious affiliate and digital marketers who want to grow their brand reach. In this masterclass, you will learn exactly how to leverage your competitors’ data to amplify your Seo content and reach much bigger audiences.

Ranking is as easy or as hard as doing better than your competitors In this MasterClass we’ll cover
– The 3 pillars of SEO
– How to create effective content strategies in a matter of hours
– How to identify your focus and outrank your competitors faster

Speaker to be announced soon!

Learn with a leading UK agency how PPC traffic really works, how revenue can be made from publishers adept in this channel and what tactics you can use to get better results in this paid media channel.

Many affiliate managers ask how PPC really works and how they can define their traffic sources and commercial goals around these publishers. This workshop will answer these questions and more!

You’ll leave with a clear understanding of where and how PPC can be used in your business, and learn exactly how to support and engage publishers that drive incrementality to your business in the same channel. Ask the questions you’ve always wanted answered and get straight up no-nonsense advice!