A guide to Twitter advertising for iGaming Affiliates

With Facebook advertising proving more tricky for those in iGaming to get a licence and go live, some affiliates are now turning to Twitter advertising to reach out to new users in the target area’s that allow online advertising. To help you understand the opportunities available, we have summarised the basics below to help you get started.

There are two main ways to promote on Twitter at the present time, you can do so manually or you can go down the automation route. For those that want to manually boost posts, you have a lot more control, though it is more time consuming so keep in mind the effect on resourcing. 

With automated ads, Twitter will automatically select posts that perform well and then boost them to an interested audience. This is a better option for big businesses that don’t have the time or know how to boost individual posts. HOWEVER, for smaller affiliates that want to manage their advertising budget it’s better to go down the manual route so that you have more control and can ensure you meet guidelines as you start out.

Both of these options have merit, but it’s about picking the right one for your business based on resources and vertical that you promote in. 

What does Twitter have to offer?

Twitter boasts a large user base, but it’s important to remember that they hold less information about these individuals than Facebook. This means that you have to be savvy about how you market to them and think outside the box – you may have to be more creative in the way you craft your content to get the right targeting and result.

When creating your Twitter ad, you can use information like other pages they follow, trends they’ve gotten involved in and past actions. For this reason, it’s important to think about what your ideal user does on Twitter – rather than who they are. You can promote to those that interact with football themed competitions, follow news outlets and interact with match hashtags – which would be a great start for any sports or fantasy orientated affiliate.

Within this, you can choose to appear on user’s feeds, in their searches or as a promoted hashtag. You also set your objective from the start, which allows you to optimise for traffic, follows or conversions. This is similar to the Power Editor on Facebook, so if you have experience with this, you won’t be in the dark. 

It’s also possible to remarket to those that have visited your site in the past. This can create a lead nurturing campaign that has the potential to bring you customers that convert more than once with your operators.  Be sure you check out the various rules and regions that Twitter allows for online gambling ads to be targeted to as the criteria is somewhat severe and you will have to ensure you have the right permissions and a fair decent amount of budget to spend. The alternative is to use Twitter advertising more as a lead generation tool in regions that you can advertise in and for associated interests rather than as a direct lead conversion straight to your site. Think creatively here on how you can work within the framework they’ve set to build an audience you can convert later in the sales funnel.

How the platform is changing

Right now, Twitter is waging a war against bots and automated tweets. With the suggestion that these users had an effect on the presidential election, the platform is taking serious steps to limit the number of users posting the same content. 

This is actually a good thing for advertisers, as they’re weeding out some of the users that are fictitious anyway. This means that you’re not spending real money advertising to those that won’t buy anyway. These can also lead to spam on your feed or fake interactions, so it’s better for all concerned if these users are no longer in place. 

This also means that if you use automated software to post your content, this will change too. These tools are becoming more and more limited by the platform, as they seek to clamp down on automated posts.

Twitter is always growing and as ads will account for more of their revenue now, they’re likely to build in some pretty cool options. They can see that corporations want to use these tools to reach new audiences, with the budgets to make new innovations worthwhile. It may be a case of “wait and see” to understand how you can cash in on the changes that are taking place in this platform. In the last year, they’ve rolled out more automated options for advertisers and this may continue to make things easier for those that want to spend money with the brand. 

Twitter is a great place to be active in order to get more users on your site, whether that’s organically or with paid advertising. If you want to learn more ways to market your affiliate brand, then book your FREE ticket to AffiliateFEST now. We only have 100 free tickets available for iGaming affiliates to attend, so book yours in advance. 

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