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Seven new affiliate marketing automation tools

As an affiliate, and small business entrepreneur,  your time is precious. Apart from driving traffic you also have a lot of administration functions vying for your attention. We take a look at some of the new tech that’s being developed that offer ways to help save you a time and money to automate daily marketing functions and management processes for your affiliate business.

How many times have you left a meeting with others in your team, only to find that the relevant actions haven’t been followed? Accountability and tracking can be tough within teams, so use this tool to get organised. You don’t need to chase up others on the team to find out if a task has been completed, you can just check the list online. Keep task lists qualified and action items on track for delivery with your staff and your freelancers too.

Contus Bot

If you’re looking to build a chatbot but don’t know where to start then this is an excellent tool. It starts you off with a template and routes of decisions, but has AI built in to make it even more powerful. This allows you to start with the basics but then get to know your users and tweak accordingly. It’s simple and easy to use and install and It analyses words and behaviours to give a truly intelligent bot function.


This data collection tool is fantastic for getting to know your customers and for building lead generation lists. Typeform forms are always easy to fill out and helps to reduce the amount of abandonments through the course of the form. It’s totally intuitive and allows you to customise how you put across your questions, which can even include GIFs and videos.

It’s hard enough to get users to fill out their data so you can capture them to re-market to, using beautifully easily customised designed forms makes this process a lot easier to manage. Cut your design costs and use this easily formatted  template style (there are a number to choose from) to create bespoke lead generation forms


Get your social media community and email lists engaged once more with this tool. You can inform them of sweepstakes, prizes and promotions without coming off spammy. is a tool that’s all about hacking your existing database growth and getting existing users to engage again with your site, service or promotions. It can sometimes be quite difficult to promote an affiliate offer, as it feels like you’re shouting into the void. This kind of tool makes the offer a game of sorts, so users earn exclusives. If you have the power to get these offers then you should be utilising them effectively.


PPC can become a very expensive tool for affiliates, as iGaming based keywords can be astronomically priced. This tool allows you to set up single keyword campaigns, which then have a higher relevancy and lower price. If you were to set this up manually, this would take a lot of time but this tool reduces that process and the can improve the management costs associated with PPC campaigns.

If you’ve found PPC to be expensive and ineffective in the past then you might need a tool like this to help make it work a bit better second time round.

Social Bee 

If you have great content on your site but struggle to find the time to post it, then Social Bee could be a big asset to help you create social content streams around your existing website editorials. You can create a library bank of relevant content that you want to be shared and then just let the tool auto share it (we call this evergreen content streams – in sports betting this could be quite valuable around repetitive sports events that happen regularly). It will pull from your content library and post it across your social platforms too making this process totally automated, but keeping your social channels fresh and relevant without you having to spend any human resource time. There is a bit of a learning curve involved with these auto scheduling tools, meaning you may need to invest time initially to plan, but you can get great results too.


Struggling to understand where your users are falling off site? Want to get better alerts to help you fix issues? Ulmo has created a nifty tool that can detect behaviours that create confusion, retention, and interest on your website and take actions to convert those users into real customers. Based on the behaviours detected, you can react with built-in actions (overlay messages, popup, poll) to engage and convert your users in real time.

Overall, there are a lot of amazing new open source tools out there that affiliates can use to bootstrap their marketing campaigns and automate their processes. These will save you huge amounts of time and also makes your site and conversion actions more effective. If you find that you never have the time to work on your business, because you’re too busy working in it then think about improving your business automation to save time and money running your business.

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