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6 of the best cybersecurity affiliate programs

Our world is increasingly based in the online digital sphere. Modern technology has made our social and business lives more interconnected and more convenient through highly immersive and engaging social media platforms.

However, there are risks online that can threaten our personal privacy and our finances. As hackers and scammers continue to target people online, software developers are constantly figuring out new and innovative ways to stop them. For affiliate marketers, the cybersecurity industry presents a golden opportunity to get involved with a booming sector that is only set to grow in the future. We’ve put together a list of six of the best cybersecurity affiliate platforms. Keep reading to check it out.

Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 is a cybersecurity technology company that produces security applications including VPNs and firewalls. The company focuses on providing security for clouds and networks and is used by a range of industries including tech, finance, and healthcare.

The Perimeter 81 affiliate program offers cost per action rates of between $400 and $1000. There is no set cap on earnings, so there is the potential for big returns if your marketing strategy is successful and secures a lot of conversions.

Perimeter 81 is an established and trusted company, making it perfect for affiliates who are looking to dip their toes into the cybersecurity industry.

BrickHouse Security

BrickHouse Security is a New York-based cybersecurity company that sells a range of different products, from GPS tracking units to advanced alarm and surveillance systems.

BrickHouse Security affiliates will be given access to a range of marketing materials to use in their campaigns, including banners, icons, search boxes, and text links. The program is ran in partnership with the Commission Junction. Affiliates will be paid a percentage of the sales value if they secure a sale through their platform.


Heimdal produces cyberthreat security solutions, with an AI-driven product range for a number of different cybersecurity uses, including threat prevention, vulnerability management, email protection, and endpoint protection. What’s more, the company also works to raise awareness of cybersecurity through educational initiatives and seminars.

For affiliates who join Heimdal’s program, they can see commission rates of between 50% and 75% per sale. Payments are paid out to affiliates on a monthly basis through a dedicated ShareASale account and there are regular bonuses, discounts, and special offers available. Additionally, affiliates will have 24-hour support from an affiliate program manager and will be given a free Heimdal professional license.

However, there are a number of requirements that must be met before affiliates will be accepted into Heimdal’s program. They must own their own domain and it must be associated with the cybersecurity or tech industry.

 Astra Security

Astra Security sells website security solutions, with products including malware scanners, firewalls, and security auditing systems. It has forged deals with some major brands such as Ford, Gillette, and Oman Airways.

Astra Security is a reputable and fast-growing company, and its attractive affiliate program reflects this. Partners will receive a 25% recurring commission fee that does not decrease, as well as a 5% lifetime discount for customers you have secured through your campaign. The program offers a 60-day cookie policy, with a dedicated dashboard where you can access key insights. Payouts and paid monthly via PayPal.

Panda Security

Founded in 1990, Spain-based Panda Security is one of the industry’s biggest names. The company began as an antivirus software specialist, before branching out into cybersecurity software and threat solution systems. Panda Security has a customer base of over 30 million and is often ranked among the industry’s best providers.

The Panda Security affiliate program offers single-tier commission payouts of up to 50%. This means that affiliates earn through sales they secure, with a minimum commission payout of $100. Affiliates will also have access to campaign support and will be offered exclusive discounts on Panda Security products.


Avast is perhaps one of the most well-known cybersecurity companies. With a customer base of over 400 million, Avast has nearly 30 years of industry experience and produces a range of antivirus and malware solution software packages.

The Avast affiliate program offers a commission rate of up to 30%, with monthly payouts made via PayPal or bank transfer.


The cybersecurity industry is a booming sector. As our lives become ever-more digitized, we can expect to see cybersecurity become an even more important part of everyday life. Get involved with this exciting industry by joining one of the many affiliate programs.

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